Qiao Weiyue (Chiao Wei-Yo)

fl. c. 980/987 China
Chinese canal engineer who constructed pound-lock gates on the Huai section of the Grand Canal.
Qiao held office as Assistant Transport Commissioner of Huainan c. 984. In the course of his duties he constructed true pound-lock gates on the Huai section of the Grand Canal as a means of preventing tax frauds on grain, which resulted from the frequent wrecking of grain-carrying boats on the canal's double slipways. The pound locks included suspended lock gates (portcullis gates), implying some mechanism for raising and lowering them. The locks were covered over by a shed-like roof and were large enough to accommodate several barges at a time. Qiao's pound locks were the first in any civilization: they probably resembled those illustrated in the work of the Italian writer Vittorio Zonca on machines of the seventeenth century.
Further Reading
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